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Central Heating


Given the ever increasing cost of home heating oil, electric and propane, now is a great time to invest in an alternative central heating system that burns cord wood or wood pellets. The "E-COMPACT" from Ireland is the UK's leading manufacturer of pellet boilers. We have a 95,000 BTU residential model operating in our showroom. It is automatically fed from a 3 ton bulk pellet storage unit sitting outside our building.

Operating at our store is the Empyre Elite wood boiler. This carries EPA approval and features gasification technology for clean burning. Outside our building, you can review the outdoor model on display too.

Also operating in our showroom is the new highly efficient Napoleon wood furnace. It can be added to your existing system or be used as a primary system since it can accommodate an add-on electric or oil burner. This flexibility makes it unique in the industry. We also display Napoleaon's gas furnace model 9600. Why? Because it too can be used in conjunction with the wood furnace! Totally unique!

Important - There may be significant financial incentives available from the States of Vermont and New Hampshire as well as the Federal Government. Check with us.


E-COMPACT has 5 models specifically engineered for large structures. These models range from 290,000 to 853,000 BTU's.

E-Compact Pellet Boiler
Napoleon Wood and Gas Furnace
Napoleon Gas or Wood Furnace



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