Wood, Gas & Electric Fireplaces

When building a home, putting on an addition or looking to add a fireplace to an existing room (yes, it can be done), there is no need to order a fireplace sight unseen from a catalog after a visit to the Home Comfort Warehouse.


Take a look at all styles – many transitional decors can easily accommodate both a modern fireplace and traditional one and some traditional and rustic homes can look fantastic with a modern piece in the mix.   And some pieces are so transitional it was even hard for us to classify what group they should belong in!

Additionally, it is important to look at “the wall” . . does that make a piece traditional or modern?  HCW can help you visualize the products in your home.

Gas Fireplaces are the ultimate in convenience. A flip of a switch produces clean wood-like flames to help heat and entertain the traditional & modern home


If having a chimney or exterior vent won’t work, these are a great option – – and completely different from the generic ones in big box stores.


Maximize outdoor living in New England by turning your patio into three seasons living with one of our outdoor fireplace

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